The Vegan Diet for Gynecomastia?

I am very surprised at how many times, I came across the question of whether a vegan diet can be advantageous for gynecomastia or not.

Sadly, there is not a diet available in the market that can reverse gynecomastia. The one and only treatment for reversing gynecomastia is surgery. Some other medicines are also available to stop or reduce the development of gynecomastia but such medicines cannot treat gynecomastia successfully.

But, the above-mentioned things only apply to true gynecomastia (fill-up of a mass of glandular tissue around your nipples). There is a condition of gyno which can be reversed by diet; this condition is known as Pseudo-Gynecomastia. So read this article till the end.

Gynecomastia Overview:

Gynecomastia refers to the development of breast tissue in males due to hormonal imbalance. In this condition, a mass of glandular tissue fills up around the nipples.

In the beginning, this mass of glandular tissue is too small. In this case, diet can help you to stop the further development of this mass.

The pseudo gynecomastia is a condition in which, fat is deposited in the chest area that accomplishes the gynecomastia development.

The definition of pseudo gynecomastia is, “enlargement of man breast due to deposition of excess fat”.

So, if you reduce this excess breast fat, then the mass of glandular tissue will start becoming unnoticeable, which will be amazing for you.

Isn’t Pubertal Gyno Reversible? Therefore, Shouldn’t Adult Gyno Be?

Well, yes. This is absolutely true that pubertal gyno can be reversible. During puberty, there is a comparative imbalance between estrogen and testosterone. In the beginning, it is ignored, but remember, this can lead to gynecomastia after some time. At the age of 18, it starts affecting the individual.

As mentioned above, people talk about gyno in two ways

1. There is a deposition of glandular tissue around the nipples- this situation is permanent and can only remove by surgery.

2. There is the deposition of excess fat in the breast.

So, pubertal gyno can be treatable as it mainly consists of subareolar fat.

Causes of Gynecomastia and Measures You Can Take

Fat deposition in the chest

As mentioned earlier, this usually happens due to the imbalance of hormones. Believe me, if you lose weight then this fat will also come off. Because losing the overall body fat, automatically remove the breast fat.

The overall appearance of the breast tissue mass will automatically reduce in size when you lose excess chest fat. And then you only have a bit of gland tissue with a low fat over it.

Normally, most of the individuals do not notice anything in this condition. If you are around the gym-lovers, then you may hear them talking about gynecomastia. But they never discuss this situation with normal people.

Well, I would recommend you to lose 10% of your body fat by a strict diet and exercise. A chest workout will also help to provide a decent look.

Hopefully, compression shirts are quite famous in the market. Compression shirts can help masks both glandular and pseudo gyno. So it’s your choice, you can wear compression shirts or managed to lose excess fat by strict diet and workout.

Also, if you are planning for surgical removal of the gyno, you can use a good compression shirt until you are ready for the surgery.


Hormones can be incontrollable at a time and they often resolve at its own.

Direct Exposure to Hormones- Estrogens, Androgens

1. This is the most common cause among body-builders, who take an exogenous supply of hormones for sex change- usually, male to female therapy of hormones.

2. Marijuana- It’s a great matter of concern that the excess use of chronic cannabis could lead to gynecomastia.

3. A few medications.

Taking excess anabolic steroids is also not recommended. For more information, you can take advise from your doctor.

Rare Causes

Gynecomastia can be caused by severe genetic disorders and tumors.

The appearance of enlarged breasts (man boobs) is very embarrassing for every adolescence and adult males. Gynecomastia is mostly used for this condition, for certain individuals, this condition may call as pseudo gynecomastia based on the anatomy of their abnormal breasts.

Potentially Problematic Foods

There is no diet available that can reverse gynecomastia. But, there are many supplements available in the market that can reduce the estrogen level in the body.

A reduced level of estrogen in males at puberty can inhibit the further development of gynecomastia. So, it is necessary to avoid several dietary components that increase the estrogen level.

Plant-Based Diet and Gynecomastia

A link between diet and breast cancer

Regarding risk factors for male breast cancer, Hsing AW ET EL writes, “The consumption of red meat was associated with an increased risk of male breast cancer, and consumption of fruits and vegetables with a decreased risk, although the trends were not significant.”

The study shows that gynecomastia is one of the major risks of breast cancer in males. This can be too dangerous and in some cases untreatable.

Body Fat

The amount of your total body fat depends upon, how much you eat a day compared to how much you burn. This ratio should always be maintained for a healthy lifestyle. Plant-based diets are more convenient to maintain healthy body fat levels.

While there is another emerging technology known as liposuction is widely used for true spot reduction. Well, we will discuss this topic in detail for another time.

Obesity- A Unique Problem

This seems to be unnecessary as the previously given point was body fat. Apart from the body fat itself, obesity is responsible for hormonal imbalance in the body that in response causes deposition of fat in male breasts, thus creates pseudo gyno.

A Note on Phytoestrogens and Gynecomastia

Various studies show that isoflavone-rich soy and its supplements do not affect serum estrogen and testosterone levels in males.

You just need to pay attention to how you respond to different foods.

Pay attention to certain foods and look for any unpleasant side effects caused or not.

Consider Surgery

The surgery option is always available. If you have a mass of glandular tissue and you want to get rid of, you should consult with any physician.

The surgery is quite expensive. In this case, you can consider certain cheap medical procedures in some countries but before that google the best physician for gyno surgery.

Ok. So, that’s all for today. See you in the next article till then be happy.


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