Is Rockstar Vegan?

Rockstar is a very famous drink. It was launched in 2001, so it’s now two-decade-old. As this is too old, many vegans have been consuming this for too long, and they want to know if they can continue to consume this drink after switching to a 100% plant-based drink.

Is it vegan? Well, yes. Rockstar manufacture 100% vegan drink. There are various varieties available, but they mostly have common ingredients like sugar, carbonated water, caffeine, amino acids, B vitamins, and food coloring agents. None of these ingredients contains animal stuff.

So, here we will discuss why rockstar energy drink is considered vegan? And what type of ingredients used in the preparation of this energy drink.

Why Is Rockstar Generally Considered Vegan?

Let’s start with the ingredients

  • Sucrose and Glucose
  • Caramel Color
  • Artificial flavors
  • Citric acid
  • Carbonated water
  • Taurine, Caffeine, L-Carnitine
  • Inositol
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Vitamin B
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Guarana Seeds Extract
  • Milk Thistle Extract

Carnitine and Taurine in processed foods are vegan

This was not true in the past- mainly for Taurine. Like with various vitamins, Taurine was previously derived from natural sources, primarily animal tissue, but as the technology grows, it is possible to acquire Taurine synthetically.

When caffeine and Taurine are used in drinks, then they are called as smart beverages- drinks that are claimed to be able to boost alertness and concentration.

Some fancy-sounding compounds are also used in such beverages, an appropriate quantity, to boost perceptional performance, besides the lack of research to support the claim.

The substances generally added to the smart beverages to boost mental activity are amino acids (Taurine, phenylalanine, choline, and L-cysteine).

Apart from l-cysteine, most of these compounds are considered vegan because l-cysteine is not in the ingredients list of Rockstar energy drink.

I would not say that all kinds of Taurine are vegan, but the type used in the preparation of energy drinks is synthesized from chemicals, so it is considered as a pure vegan.

Now, we will talk about carnitine. Right now, it would be wrong to say carnitine would be vegan because to add carnitine in your diet, you have to eat animal-derived products. But the carnitine used in the various drinks is produced by bacterial fermentation.

Caramel Color Is Suitable for Vegans

This one can be absurd. The cake of caramel is always non-vegan, due to the presence of dairy products.

Caramel is prepared by performing Maillard browning reaction on simple sugars; mostly, lactose is used in this reaction. So, the real caramel is always milk-based.

Nowadays, caramel-flavored drinks and food are made with corn syrup and some plant-based substances.

So, never get confused between caramel color and real caramel.

To prepare caramel color, food manufacturers perform the browning reaction on sugars other than lactose- commonly fructose or glucose in the form of molasses, malt syrup, invert sugar, etc. at that point, they extract the brown color for use in processed drink & food products.

The Presence of Sugar Doesn’t Render a Food Non-Vegan

Some prudent vegans often avoid any food or drink made with processed sugar because the white sugar is commonly made with bone char to remove impurities.

But, most vegans don’t avoid food item made with processed sugar, and PETA (a vegan organization) also give the green light white sugar that often contains processed sugar items.

This is because sugar can also be processed with decolorizing agents apart from bone char like activated charcoal, and it’s too difficult to track the origin of sugar in every food item.

The Vitamin B in Rockstar is Vegan

Vitamin is always available from natural sources. Based on their origin, there are majorly two natural sources to extract vitamin: one is planted, and the second is an animal vitamin.

Nowadays, various ways are available to extract vitamins artificially through several reactions.

For example, vitamin D is made artificially. It is made from the precursor cells extracted from lanolin (fatty stuff found in sheep oil).

So, with the rapid growth of technology, it is possible to prepare most of the vitamins artificially without using animal or plant cells.

The rockstar energy drinks mainly focus on Vitamin B (that is produced artificially or by microbes).

Niacin(B3) can be made by the blending of microbial and chemical processes. The same process also makes pyridoxine (B6).

If we talk about vitamin B12, vitamin B12 can only be produced by microbial fermentation. Therefore vitamin B12 is always considered as a vegan.

Milk Thistle Is Plant-Based

This sometimes looks very surprising for some people. But this is an exception. The common name of Milk Thistle is Silybum marianum. It is a thorny plant that is mostly used for medicinal purposes. Therefore, it is plant-based, thus vegan.

That’s all for the vegan status of rockstar energy drink. Thanks for reading.

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