Is Pho Vegan?

Pho, or phở, is a famous Vietnamese soup. You can discover it in eateries around the globe, and as road food in Vietnam. I get inquired as to whether it’s vegan, most likely because the critical ingredient is rice noodles, a plant-based type of noodles that are known to be vegetarian.

Is it vegan? No, the customary pho formula isn’t viewed as vegetarian. It’s not, in any case, reasonable for veggie lovers. While rice noodles (bánh phở) are an essential ingredient, the soup likewise calls for juices and meat—ordinarily, hamburger (phở bò), however once in a while chicken (phở gà).

The only thing we will do here to diverse non-vegan ingredients common in pho and a short time later look at any vegan types of the soup at present accessible.

Why Pho Is Not Considered Vegan

Indeed, the soup is made with rice noodles. The noodles, marked ‘bánh phở,’ are little (around 1/16-inch-wide) and linguine-molded.

In any case, that is only about the vegan ingredient. Aside from the herbs obviously.


This is the more typical rendition. Most of the time, pho is served in a bowl with level rice noodles in clear soup, with lean cuts of meat—either steak, thin flank, greasy flank, or brisket. Some southern Vietnam varieties include tripe, slow-cooked ligament, or meatballs.

Beef arrives in various varieties in this specific dish, including:

  • Tái sống (uncommon meat), tái (medium-uncommon meat) or tái băm (uncommon minced beef patty)
  • Tái nạm (meat patty with flank)
  • Tái lăn (meat that is sauteed before being added to the soup)
  • Tái chín (meat)
  • Gân (ligaments)
  • Tiết (bubbled meat blood)
  • Sách (meat tripe)



Chicken pho is somewhat less standard than meat pho and is made utilizing similar flavors. Like with beef, chicken can come in numerous structures, including both muscle and organ meat. Inner organs like the heart and gizzard are healthy. The soup can likewise include lacking eggs.

Chicken can take a few structures, including:

  • Lòng gà (chicken innards)
  • Trứng non (youthful chicken eggs) and trứng tái (poached chicken egg)
  • Gà đùi (chicken thigh) gà lườn (a chicken bosom)

Broth and Meat Stock

It’s conceivable that the soup could show up vegan status, yet at the same time contain juices. I have a friend who once requested a vegan adaptation of a specific soup just to have the chicken taken out while the stock was as yet utilized.

Pho comes in either an unmistakable beef or chicken stock, the two of which are made by warming water with bones and meat and afterward allowing it to stew.

With meat pho, the stock is commonly made by stewing beef steak, flank, bovine bones, and additionally oxtails alongside scorched onion, ginger, and flavors.

To accomplish a more grounded flavor, beef is regularly left on the bones. Chicken bones produce a comparative juice.

Any vegetarian well-disposed rendition of pho would contain a vegetable soup with a significant part of the equivalent seasonings:

· Saigon cinnamon or other cinnamon as choices. In Vietnam, cinnamon is regularly served in stick structure, while powder is frequently utilized in café establishments abroad.

  • Star anise
  • Cooked ginger
  • Cooked onion
  • Dark cardamom
  • Coriander and fennel seeds
  • Clove

Making bona fide pho juices is an entirely included process and can take a few hours to finish.

Roasted ginger is utilized to conquer the robust smell of beef so that less ginger may be used in a vegan form of the soup—similar to the case with chicken pho. Yet, different flavors continue as before.

Other than beef and chicken juices, it’s normal for pho to contain fish sauce. However, hoisin and sriracha (two vegetarian appetizers) are likewise very common.

Hoisin sauce with vegetables, hot and fiery glues like Sriracha, and a crush of lemon or lime juice are presumably more typical than fish sauce. However, the last is utilized every once in a while.

Commercial Vegan Pho

Miracle Noodle Ready-to-Eat Vegan Pho

Major ingredients include:

  • Onion, carrots, mushroom, garlic, and celery
  • Salt, sugar, maltodextrin, and yeast extricate
  • Characteristic flavor and thickener
  • Noodles: konjac flour, water, and calcium hydroxide

Oceans Halo Organic and Vegan Pho Broth

Major ingredients are:

  • Organic kelp stock (filtered water, organic kelp)
  • Onion puree
  • Sea salt and Cane sugar
  • Ginger Juice
  • Organic star anise
  • Organic garlic puree
  • Organic coriander
  • cinnamon, and cloves
  • Organic mushroom powder

Loads of natural going on.

On the off chance that you make your own, you’ll likewise require some rice noodles and vegetable juices, the two of which can most likely be found at your neighborhood market—mainly, the veggie stock.

The noodles come in a few widths, which relate to specific adaptations of the soup. For instance, medium-width dried rice noodle is regular in bánh phở, while different adjustments are frequently made with new rice noodles called “kuay tiao” or “bánh phở tươi” in Vietnamese.

These noodles ought to be named on bundles as “bánh phở tươi,” which means new pho noodles in Vietnamese.

That is it for the vegan status of pho.

Vietnamese cooking frequently utilizes greens, vegetables, herbs, and lemons. Numerous dishes are decorated with fixings like green and white onions, Thai basil, fresh Thai stew wedgen, peppers, citrus, cilantro (coriander) or culantro, and bean grows. Along these lines, Vietnamese cooking, when all is said in done, is perfect with plant-based eating.

Thank you so much for reading.

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